The Wing Chun School

The Wing Chun School formally opened in September 1990, under the tutelage of Garry McKenzie. Back then there was the one school in Hackney, but within a couple of years schools in Leyton, Enfield, London's West End, Cyprus and Norway followed. We host regular mixed adult classes, womens classes and childrens classes; private tuition for individuals and small groups is also available. All schools are fully equipped with all the apparatus needed for effective Wing Chun Kung Fu practice.

The Wing Chun School does not concern itself with labels, hence just "The Wing Chun School". Therefore terms like 'Authentic', 'Pure', 'Classical', etc. are not used. The aim of our school is to teach effective Wing Chun technique, therefore open-mindedness & research is needed. Up until more recent times the Wing Chun history has been given to us through the teaching of the late Grandmaster Ip Man.