Shaolin Ancestors Kung Fu

Welcome to our website where we hope to provide a brief glimpse into this exciting Kung Fu system. This unique interpretation of the Shaolin Ancestors system by Siukee Wan can be viewed as a modern translation of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts without any of its mythical and sometimes theatrical expressions and reveals the Yi (Essence) in Kung Fu which is so often cleverly concealed behind a Master's hands. One of our aims is to reveal some of Kung Fu's best kept secrets and present it in a way which makes it very applicable for martial arts training in the 21st Century. As combat back then usually involved bladed hand weapons such as swords it is understandable why the information within the forms were so closely guarded from the enemy. But as with all forms, over time they are open to interpretation and personal preferences thus the true meanings and understanding of the movements in the forms may now be different to what it was originally trying to convey.