Senshin Dojo

Senshin Dojo is located in the city centre of Glasgow (Scotland). We provide a safe, supportive and creative training environment to study the Japanese martial art of aikido.

Aikido's dynamic movements can be used for self protection and its principles can be used to develop confidence, spirit and promote a positive mind. At the Senshin Dojo, we principally follow the teaching and technical direction of Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan (7th Dan; Boulder Aikikai, USA) with emphasis on his internal elements. Members train with a sense of purpose to develop the principles of 'Aiki' to resolve conflict rather than physical power or direct confrontation. We strive to polish and refine the martial aspects of aikido's techniques to allow them to remain effective but not destructive. Furthermore, we try to develop a stronger link between aikido's principles as demonstrated in the dojo with what we do in our daily lives.