Ki Rin Karate

The Ki-Rin Karate club are members of the English Karate Organisation this is our governing body who host the English and European Karate championships yearly. The style of karate that we teach is Wado Ryu which approximately translated means " The peacefull way ". The place in which we learn Karate is called a Dojo, this is regardless of where it is. Each lesson will be approximately one and half hours long normally starting with a warm up followed by the main lesson and then a cool down.

Bullying, racism, or sexism will not be tolorated at any of our clubs either within the Dojo or elswhere. Anyone who feels they have been victimised or intimidated should speak to the instructor in the first instance. We take pride in our club and as such deem all our members to be club representatives at all times. Therefore any incidents of bullying, intimidation, sexism or racism perpetrated by our members may result in termination of membership.