JB Karate Derby

Hi my name is John Bryan, head coach and founder of JB Karate Academy and for the last 36 years karate has been my life, I am proud to say I have made the difference in 1000's of students lives over these years, by teaching them discipline, focus, self defense, self confidence and much more. You may be pleased to learn that JB Karate Aacdemy is the leading family karate Academy in Derby and we have been teaching students from the age of five, to adults in their 60's for the last six years.

All of our classes are ran to make sure we provide a perfectly safe and friendly environment to learn martial arts and everyone is made to feel very welcome. We make sure the children in our classes have fun as they are learning, this is so important to keep them focused and wanting to learn more, and 99% of the children in our classes come becaus they want to, As well as having fun we also teach respect and great manners as well, something all children should have.