Wing Chun is a direct style of Chinese Kung Fu that wastes no time or effort on superfluous movements. Wing Chun believes in using the least amount of required force in any fighting situation. It believes properly, correct timed position and movement can and should be used to defeat their opponent. This is achieved through balance, body structure and relaxation.

Wing Chun uses deflection and counter-attack in the same motion or will intercept the opponent to nulify an attack, rather than blocking then attacking in two separate motions. Further, this interception can act as a block as a consequence of the structure and the position of the arm travelling along its path toward the opponent. This means that the opponent's attack is automatically deflected by the arm-structure of the Wing Chun practitioner as the counter-punch is delivered.

A person using Wing Chun is said to be able to defeat a stronger person because they are able to use their structure effectively.