Grove Martial Arts

Grove Martial Arts is an independent, non-profit making, Karate club. We practise the traditional Okinawan style of Goju Ryu as the all-encompassing self-protection system it was originally designed to be. We are family run: our instructors are from three generations of the same family with a combined training history spanning 125 years.

Karate is a civilian self-protection system born in Okinawa. Originally Karate was taught only to a select few students who would follow a particular master's teaching. After WW2 the Okinawan masters, in a bid to keep their art alive, opened Karate to the masses, introducing it in a modified form into the Okinawan school system. Since then Karate has spread throughout the world in many forms, most notably as a sport. We do not train for sport or competition, all of our training is geared towards reality based self-protection.

No one takes a wage from the club and all funds are used to improve the club for our members.