Giokick Martial Arts

GIOKICK just a few miles from both Willenhall and Wednesfield town centres, is Willenhall's first and largest fully equipped, purpose built martial arts centre. A family run business, created by husband and wife team John and Kellie Zuccala. Who between them have a combined martial arts experience of 50+ years and have studied Kickboxing, Sankukai Karate and most recently Brazilian Jui-Jitsu.

Chief instructor is John Zuccala, who has acheived an ISKA British Champion title and is currently 4th Dan Black belt in Kickboxing, his primary style. John has studied many styles of martial arts, bringing him to recently receive his blue belt under professor Martin Cope of Gracie Barra Walsall. To also win Bronze in the British BJJ No Gi Grampling Championships.

Kellie Zuccala having trained to black belt standard in both Sankukai Karate and Kickboxing. Also has an OCR Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools, with valued experience working with children at primary school age.