Funakoshi Karate

Sensei Debi has competed at high level in hockey, athletics and volleyball and started training karate in 1989 at the age of 19. She was keen to start at an earlier age, but her parents felt that karate was more for boys. She started Training in Durban South Africa under Shihan Barry Anderson and then moved to Cape Town where she set up Pee-Wee Karate and trained under Shihan Sanette Smit. She was a member of the Western Province All Styles Karate Team for many years and then in 1997 she was selected for the South African All Styles Karate team and as a member she travelled to Tokyo, Japan and competed at the Women's World All Styles Championships. In 1992 Sensei Debi travelled to India and met the Dalai Lama in his temple. In 1998 she worked as a bodyguard to the main actors in the Quentin Tarantino movie: 'Texas Blood Money' which was shot in Cape Town. In 1998 she move to Kew Gardens and a few years later set up Pee-Wee Karate in London.