Epsom & Leatherhead Martial Arts

The Great Britain Martial Arts Academies (GBMAA) offers the most elite Martial Arts training in the country. Our academies carry with them, a professional reputation for excellence in sport martial arts. We offer the largest variety of martial arts styles in our industry such as kickboxing, kung fu, sport karate, competitive fighting, weapons training and more. At the GBMAA, certified martial arts instructors focus on age appropriate Martial Arts teachings for adults and children ages 4 and up. Our age specific programs are tailored to meet the physical/mental needs of certain age groups, challenging them to grow in skill, fitness, and discipline. We have the highest standards in sport martial arts, as we are the standard for self-defense training providing students of different skill levels, an opportunity to master various combat styles.

Initially focusing on kick-boxing and kung-fu Martial Arts training, the academies derived from the Great Britain Martial Arts Association in 2000.