Atado Ju Jitsu Club

A SHORT HISTORY of ATADO Ju Jitsu in Oxford. The 'Far Eastern Club' (Atado White Tiger Style) roots are in Kung Fu, devised by Grand Master 'Edward' Leong Lee Fu (1932 - 1991) who developed the martial art system for western servicemen stationed in the far east after WW2. The Oxford martial art club was founded in 1968 by the late Ernie DANKS who studied under the Grand Master. The senior Oxford club instructor is David Rogers, 4th Degree Black Belt and the club has membership of the English Ju Jitsu Federation.

ATADO incorporates many additional techniques from judo, karate, aikido, kick boxing, escrima, wing chun, iaido and others, and also utilises defences from a wide range of weapons. With these other elements combined with the Ju Jitsu this martial arts style lends itself very much towards street survival / self-defence skills from early practice. Beginners will experience useful techniques from day one and those with the right aptitude build knowledge and ability quickly.