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Wing Chun Kung Fu is considered one of the most effective forms of unarmed combat known and practised throughout the world. The Wing Chun system is approximately 400 years old and was created by a Buddhist Nun named Ng Mui.

Wing Chun's female creator took note of physical differences between men and women, therefore the emphasis is not upon force & strength to succeed, but the use of skillful hand and footwork combined with speed & technique to overcome opposition in the shortest possible time!

Wing Chun Kung Fu Today:

Even though many Martial arts styles and systems have become defunct or simply forgotten over the 400 years that Wing Chun has been developing, Wing Chun has continued to thrive and grow. This shows how Wing Chun has been able to adapt to its ever changing environment. The proof of this is that it still meets our needs today 400 years on. Wing Chun is forever growing as the common English translation of Wing Chun to 'Forever Spring' rightly suggests.

It is true that in modern times the skill of being able to defend ones self is still a useful one, however the Art of Wing Chun provides so much more than this, it offers mental challenges that will also enhance the lives of dedicated practitioners along with a fitness and wellbeing framework that can help you stay in great shape and health throughout your lifetime.