Matt Fiddes Martial Arts

Welcome to Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Academy- North Cheshire and Wigan. This Matt Fiddes franchise was established in September 2004 by Mr Steve James, who is both the owner and Chief Instructor. Since then, our school has grown throughout the area to become one of the most successful martial arts groups in the North West of England. Our instructors work with the students to give them the motivation they need to reach their goals and to strive to be the best that they can be.

Teaching the principles of 'black belt excellence', our main objective at Matt Fiddes Martial Arts is to develop well-rounded, respectful students; not only at the Academy, but also in society. Not only do our students become black belts in martial arts, but also they strive to become academic black belts, and eventually corporate black belts or black belt employees. We use "black belt" as a metaphor for personal excellence.